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Gospel made simple

Evangelism Made Simple - How To DO It!
is a companion book with two other books, Evangelism Made Simple - You CAN DO It! and The Gospel Made Simple - You CAN KNOW It! These three books form a comprehensive method of teaching the Gospel to those eager to know it.

Powerful, proven, and effective material that emphasizes:

    The certainty of Christian faith.
    The identity of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit
    The fallacious tenets of Calvinistic theology and emphasizes that every man has personal choice.
    The Bible as man's spiritual standard.
    The New Testament as our Law today.
    The destructive nature of sin.
    The definition of and importance of faith, repentance, and confession.
    God's Truths about baptism.
    The uniqueness of the New Testament Church.
    God-ordained worship in the Church.

    Church organization and Christian living.



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evangelism made simple

Evangelism Made Simple: You CAN DO it!

Teacher's Handbook covers:

  1. Do You Know Jesus?
  2. Who is God?
  3. Who is Jesus Christ?
  4. Who is the Holy Spirit?
  5. The Relationship Between God and Man In Salvation!
  6. What is the Bible?
  7. The New Covenant of Christ?
  8. Convictions of Sin!
  9. Faith, Repentance And Confession!
  10. What Does The Bible Teach About Baptism?
  11. The Church In God's Plan of Redemption!
  12. God-Ordained Worship!
  13. Church Organization And Christian Living!
  14. Personal Evaluation!


Gospel made simple

The Gospel Made Simple: You CAN KNOW it!

This is the Handbook that students use for each study.



Gospel made simple

Jimmy Stick

This is used as an illustration in Lesson One of Evangelism Made Simple


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