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"Evangelism Made Simple is exactly that -- simple! I have incorporated my style with this material and I believe I have become a better personal work teacher. The material coupled with God's Word is powerful teaching material that thorougly convicts the hearts of lost people. Not only is the material excellent for teaching lost souls, but it is excellent for the Christian to keep himself attuned to the basics."

-Neil Kempf

Gospel made simple


Edici?n en espa?ol de El Evangelio Hecho Simple

Christian Living made simple


Christian Living Made Simple is a sequel to The Gospel Made Simple. It is written for new Christians. Its purpose is to help new converts to become strong and stable. It is believed that fifty percent of those who are baptized become unfaithful. Those who study and ponder the truths of this book will most likely remain steadfast.


God's Will made simple




A 13 part correspondence course based on Stephen Rogers' "Evangelism Made Simple", this series of lessons takes the reader on a step by step journey through the Bible and answers questions that reveal, "God's Will Made Simple."

Jesus our Example



Jesus, Our Example is a unique study of the life of Christ. Often we focus mainly on His teachings; however, these studies examine what Jesus DID - how He acted and how He reacted to situations throughout His earthly life. The challenge to Christians: Not only to teach what Christ taught, but, even more, to be like Him!!!

Jesus our Example



In this book, the reader is given principles to assist him to interpret Biblical Truth. He is challenged to learn how to think critically for himself. Using the illustration of a tool box and tools, Rogers urges students to open up their interpretation tool box and use the correct tools to tackle and solve Difficult Passages.